Wild Eats: Turkey Pita Sandwich


Want to try something new to shake up your regular sandwich rotation? Try this HEALTHY and delicious Turkey Pita Sandwich!



1/2 of a piece of Pita bread

1-2 pieces of Sliced Turkey breast

1/2 of an avocado


Red leaf lettuce

Red onions

Here's what you do:

Carefully peel open the half piece of pita bread so that it becomes a pocket.


Then, gently spread hummus onto one of the interior sides of the pocket. Lay the pieces of turkey on top of the hummus, inside of the Pita pocket, followed by a few leaves of red leaf lettuce and some slices of red onions. Tip: I always keep a big Tupperware full of pre-made salad mix [red leaf lettuce and sliced red onions] in my fridge. That way it's always read when I'm feeling hungry. It's healthy, quick, and handy!


Gently place pieces of the avocado on top of the other ingredients, inside the pocket.

That's it! Easy, right? Enjoy!