Ways to Show Your Special Someone That You Love Them


It's so important to let your significant other know how special they are to you. A romantic relationship is a precious thing, and love from another human being shouldn't be taken for granted. This July my husband and I will have been together for eight years, married for seven. While we don't necessarily have the experience of a couple who has been together for, say,  fifty years, I think we have this marriage thing down. And we excel at showing each other how much the other person is loved and appreciated. Sometimes, just letting your significant other know that they are on your mind can go a long long way. Here are a few ideas of ways to show your special someone that you love and appreciate them!


  • Verbalize your appreciation. Sometimes life gets so busy and we get caught up in things, and we don't realize just how much our significant other does for us. Especially if you are married or live together, it can be easy to take the things that your love does each day for granted. Remember to look your loved one in the eyes and genuinely tell them how much you appreciate what he or she does for you, your home, your family. Be specific - mention a few things in particular that you love and appreciate about him or her.  Having someone appreciate you and the little things that you do is a great feeling.
  • Do something that he/she has wanted to do. If you're special someone has mentioned something that he or she wants to try, or an activity that he or she loves to do, plan a time to try it with them! Make a day or a weekend of it, and try that new thing that they've been wanting to try, or participate in that hobby that they are passionate about. Sharing the experience together will make for great memories, and trying something that means a lot to your love will mean so much to them.
  • Quality time. Make time for your significant other. Take time out from your busy life to spend talking with and listening to him or her. Set aside that book you're engulfed in, put down your phone or laptop, get up early to be together for a few minutes before work... take time to just be with your loved one and give him or her all of your attention.
  • Take his/her side. Have your significant other's back. Supporting your loved one's wishes and helping to back him or her up on an issue that is important to him/her will make your loved one feel respected. Knowing that you have his/her back will mean the world to your special someone and it will make them appreciate you. You and your significant other are a team, first and foremost. Always choose him/her and always have each other's backs.