Nightly Ritual

Rituals are so important for a relaxing, good night's sleep. Winding down in the evening can be hard, and it can be a real challenge to quiet your mind after a long and busy day. Taking some time to care for yourself and to get in the right mindset before bed makes a huge difference. I know that on nights when I am rushed, or when I'm out late and forced to skimp on my nightly ritual, I feel unsettled, stressed, and I always have a harder time falling asleep. When I set aside the time to go through the motions and take care of myself, I end up in bed, relaxed, calm, and content and ready for a good night's sleep. I'll go ahead and share my nightly routine on a typical week night (for when I'm at home that is, as opposed to traveling or sleeping in a tent!) with you all!

I always take either an epsom salt bath, or a hot shower right before bed. I wash and condition my hair, exfoliate my face, and use a cleanser. Depending on how I'm doing for time or how tired I am, I'll use a coffee scrub prior to showering or taking a bath. 

I do a deep conditioning treatment on my hair once a week. Then I always towel dry my hair, twist it up into a top knot, and sleep with it that way. In the morning I have nice waves and volume. I never use a hair dryer, and I always just let my hair air dry. In fact, I never use heat on my hair. I will OCCASIONALLY, very rarely, curl my hair. But other than that, no heat. This helps to keep my hair healthier and prevents damage since it's SO long. 

Next, I apply my pore refining serum from Murad. It is my absolute beauty must have and it makes my skin so nice, clear, and healthy. I love it. About 2-3 times a week, I will use a face mask prior to putting on the serum. I love trying out different masks, but my go-to is this Murad one. I have some dark spots under my eyes, so I've been using this Brightening Dark Spot Corrector from Burt's Bees under and around my eyes. Then, I slather my face, neck, and chest with moisturizer. I am loving this Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture from Murad right now. 

I use St. Ives body lotion all over my entire body right after I take a shower or a bath. I have really dry skin so moisturizing is big for me. I am obsessive about it, and this St. Ives is great because it doesn't leave your skin sticky or gunky feeling, AND it's a drug store brand, so it's very affordable! Once or twice a week I will apply a sunless tanner. I like trying out different brands of self-tanners, but my current favorite is this one by Jergens.


I brush my teeth, use mouth wash, and then hop into bed. I'll apply a cuticle cream, and dab some lavender oil on my wrists and neck. I moisturize my lips with some EOS lip balm and will dab a little extra moisturizer around my eyes. I always chug a bunch of water at this point. Sure I have to get up in the night, but I wake up in the morning with glowing skin! So, to me it is worth it. Then I read a passage from The Book Of Awakening, read 50 pages or so in whatever book I'm currently reading, turn out the lights and, hopefully, drift right off to sleep. I picked up this lovely lavender scented eye pillow that I lay over my eyes sometimes. You can put it in the freezer to make it cool, and it is just so refreshing and is sometimes just that little extra something that I need to fall asleep. 


I would love to hear all about YOUR nightly rituals! What are your go-to products?