Packing List: Day Hike

I couldn't even tell you the number of times that my husband and I have forgotten to bring something important on a hike with us. We've forgotten our camera, snacks, and warm hats. We've forgotten our books (we like to sit and read on our hikes if we happen to find a pretty spot!) and we've forgotten extra socks. That moment when you realize that you have forgotten something that you REALLY wanted or REALLY needed to bring along is horrible. 

So, after years of having this problem, we finally came up with a solution! We created a check list so that we can check things off as we pack them up into the car, ensuring that we will never forget important items on our hikes again! 

We surely can't be the only people to have this problem, so I've decided to share our checklist with you! Feel free to print it off to your heart's content and use it to make sure you don't forget anything next time you head out for a hike!

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