Decorating Woes of a Bibliophile

As a self-professed bibliophile, I am not ashamed of admitting the fact that my book collection has sort of taken over my home.  At first, as my mini-library began to grow, book by book, it remained neatly contained on my one wooden bookshelf. I took unnatural pleasure from staring at the shelves as they filled. I would carefully find the perfect place for each new book, sometimes rearranging my collection several times before it felt just right.

Over time, the empty spaces on my shelf became fewer and fewer. It began to get a bit harder to squeeze my new books into the tight spaces and before long my bookshelf was packed. At that point, I had to get creative. I began a neat pile on top of the bookshelf. It soon became a massive mound of books, two rows deep and three rows wide and over a foot tall.

When I could fit no more books atop my bookshelf, I started double stacking books on the shelves. I placed them carefully in front of the books that took already took up residence there. I piled them from one shelf up to the shelf above. They completely covered the books behind them. My bookshelf was overflowing. It was beautiful and made me giddy each time I looked at it. 

Then, my husband gave me a wonderful gift: a little antique bookshelf. It was about half the size of my first bookshelf, and a lovely dark wood with carvings around the trim. I instantly began transferring some of the excess from my first bookshelf to my new one. For a short time, my shelves were organized and my books were relatively evenly spread out. But that didn't last long. My book collection grew and grew. The extra stacks and rows and piles began to accumulate again.

Now, books are a main feature of my home. There piles on my husband's and my nightstands, a shelf full to the brim with books in the entry way. An overly full bookshelf in the dining room, and an overflowing bookshelf in the living room. It's messy, it's ridiculous, and to me it is the most beautiful thing. My book addiction gets stronger and stronger each day and my collection will continue to grow. My home's decor will always be a little book heavy and my shelves may not be super neat and tidy looking due to my need of more space to display my prized possessions. But that is something that I am happily willing to live with.