My 5 "Must Haves" For Fly Fishing

I have gotten a lot of questions recently regarding what my "must haves" are for fly fishing. I have put together a quick little list of my personal favorite items to have on hand for a day on the river. So as not to insult your common sense, I am not including the basics, such as gear, on this list (read: rod, reel, line, etc...) Instead, these are just some extra things that I always have with me while fishing.

1. Sunscreen. I burn easily. Plus, wrinkles and sun damage are not cool, so I try my best to avoid them. I always make sure to use sunscreen. ESPECIALLY on my hands!!

2. Hat Or Buff. I like wearing a hat because my eyes are super sensitive to bright light, so it helps keep the sun out of my eyes. But, sometimes when a hat just isn't workin' for me, I'll throw on a buff as a headband. Check out my current favorite brand:

3. Snacks. I always carry a protein bar, dried mangos, or some other quick snack with me. Because I am ALWAYS hungry. 

4. Camera. Whether it's my fancy shmancy Canon or my trusty iPhone, (because let's be honest, who wants to lug a big camera around all of the time) I make sure to always have a camera handy. Not just for the grip 'n' grins, mind you. I have seen so many incredible things while on the river. Wildlife, breathtaking sunsets, my husband's gorgeous cast...I've learned the hard way to NEVER be without a camera. 

5. A Good Attitude. Because any time spent fly fishing is a good time, even if you don't catch a damn thing. And EVEN if all you catch are a few measly Whitefish. ;)