Ben and I are SO excited to finally be able to share our good news with all of you! We are expecting our first little bundle of joy (human, that is!) in July! It has been sooo hard to keep it a secret from everyone because we just want to shout it from the rooftops. We are so excited!!

The day we saw our baby for the first time and heard it's heartbeat! (8 weeks)

Currently I am almost 15 weeks pregnant. It is crazy how quickly it is going by! Our little one will be here before we know it! We found out that we were expecting a couple of days before Thanksgiving. I had taken a pregnancy test the week before and it was negative, but I just had a feeling. So, a week later I took another test first thing in the morning and it turned positive RIGHT away. I took the test just before Ben got home from work in the morning. I met him at the door and blurted out, “You need to look at something and tell me I’m not crazy!” …So much for a cute way of surprising him with the news! ;) He looked at the positive test and was shocked but SO happy! I went to the store right after and bought a few more tests - all different brands, just to be sure. Every single one of them turned positive INSTANTLY. I was very very pregnant!

The crazy thing is, that we got pregnant LITERALLY on our very first try. Like…no joke. First try. I went off of birth control and BAM. Pregnant. Which, apparently, doesn’t happen. haha We were expecting it to take 3-6 months or more since I had been on the pill for about 10 years and they say it usually takes awhile for things to get back to normal. So, to get pregnant on our FIRST TRY was a shock… but a welcome one!! :) The coolest part is that our baby is due on July 26th, which is the anniversary of when Ben and I started OFFICIALLY dating - and by the time our tot is born, Ben and I will have been dating for 9 YEARS! Isn’t that crazy?? It doesn’t feel like it has been almost a decade that we have been together, and then on the other hand, I can’t imagine life before Ben…it feels like we have just always been together. :) 

This is such an exciting new chapter in our lives and in our relationship! We are SO sososo excited to add to our little pack. Gunner will be the best guard dog for our baby, and we can’t wait to go on so many adventures, the four of us!! This little one is in for a life full of outdoor fun!

Last week we went on a last minute 'babymoon' to Paris! It was such an incredible trip, and a very special time for me and Ben. I will do a blog post about the trip, so more to come! We had originally planned on being in Cabo with two of our best friends last week. We had had the trip booked and planned for over six months and were SO excited for it. But just a few days before we were supposed to leave, the CDC announced that pregnant women should avoid traveling to Mexico because of the Zika virus, which causes birth defects. It was a hard decision, but we canceled our trip last minute. Ben still had the week off of work, so we were determined to still make a trip happen! We ended up booking our trip to Paris the NIGHT before we left! It was such an adventure and such a fun experience. But again, more on our trip in an upcoming post. :)

Our little love at 13 weeks

We are just so glad to be able to finally share our news with everyone! I plan on doing frequent pregnancy blog updates throughout the remaining few months. I will probably do something like a “Mommy Monday” series, so keep your eye out for that! Or, if you’re a dude or you are just not interested, then steer clear of those posts, haha. ;)

Thank you all for all of the love and excitement and well-wishes that we’ve received already from our social media announcements! We have read every single comment and your kindness means the world to us! Thank you!

xo, Ben and Anna