Mommy Monday: 17 Weeks

Shoes: Superga // Dress: Target // Purse: Kate Spade // Sunglasses: Kate Spade

17 weeks!! Wow!! This pregnancy is flying by...I can't believe that I will be half way in just three weeks! Also, we get to find out the gender in less than three exciting!! Ben and I are enjoying the last little bit of time while our baby is still a little "it" to us. Soon, he or she will be our son or daughter, we'll know which name we are giving it, and I just feel like it will begin to feel more real as we are able to attribute more of an identity to our baby! We are so excited to know the gender, but I'll miss my little it! 

My belly continues to grow so fast! I seriously feel like I am showing so so fast, and I read that really thin people tend to show faster because, well, where else is the baby supposed to go but out? haha I also have definitely felt movement already, which is pretty early on for someone having their first baby. It feels like little flutters and like someone flicking the inside of my belly with their fingernails. It's SO cool and I just can't wait until Ben can feel the baby moving too! I think I can feel the movement so early because of how thin I am as well! So fun! 

I've been working out daily, and I've even worked back up to doing kettle bell workouts and other more intense workouts that I used to do before pregnancy. Of course I have been making proper modifications and listening to my body. But it feels so good to be able to keep my body strong and healthy throughout this pregnancy! I know it will help my labor and delivery to go much more smoothly, AND studies have shown that mothers who work out during pregnancy tend to have smarter and more developmentally advanced babies! That right there is ALL the motivation I need to keep up with my fitness routine during pregnancy!! My workouts tend to range from 10-30 minutes, depending on how I am feeling. In addition to working out, Gunner and I go on two 30 minute walks every day, morning and night! It's a great way to get myself moving and get some fresh air!


How far along: 17 weeks 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: Up about 8 lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes! So many cute maternity dresses! My parents have bought all of my maternity clothes for me so far, which is so sweet of them! This weekend, my mom took me to Target and got me a BUNCH of cute maternity dresses (including the one in the pictures above) and a cool maternity top (the one I'm wearing in the photo of me and Ben above)! My dad also bought me a gorgeous pink Ingrid & Isabel dress that I have been eyeing! I am SO excited. 

Stretch marks? Nope! *Fingers Crossed* I definitely feel like my stomach is SO tight and like everything is stretching, so I am SO SCARED about stretch marks. I've been slathering myself in oils and lotions multiple times each day and drinking lots of water and eating healthy foods like oranges. I read that the vitamin C in oranges is great for skin's elasticity!

Sleep: I have been sleeping pretty well still. I'm having a bit of trouble getting comfortable at night, and I'm still getting up multiple times in the night to use the restroom. Poor Ben!

Best moment this week: Getting new maternity clothes!

Have you told family and friends: Yes! 

Movement: Yes! More flutters and some movements that feel like someone is flicking the inside of my belly with their fingernails!

Food cravings: Pineapple! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: No!

Have you started to show yet: Oh yes! Love it!!

Gender prediction: I've been sort of feeling like it's a girl the past week or so...I just have felt super girly and have been drawn to pink and pretty things! Who knows! But, if I had to say that I was feeling one way or another right this moment, I guess I'd say girl!

Labor Signs: No.

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or Moody most of the time: HappyHappyHappy! SO HAPPY! :)

Symptoms: Acne. And when I say acne, I mean face-ne, chest-ne, neck-ne, back-ne, shoulders-ne, belly-ne ... -_- You get the idea. Acne EVERYWHERE. NOT. CUTE. 

Thanks for reading! Check back in next Monday for my 18 Weeks update! :)

xo, Anna