How To Cope With Living Far From The Wild

For outdoor lovers, it can be frustrating and even a bit depressing if you live in a place that is far from any wilderness areas. Sure, most cities and towns have parks, but for people who are into backpacking, mountain climbing, and a little peace and quiet, parks just don’t cut it. Ben and I recently moved to an area that is about two hours (minimum) from the nearest mountains. While that is definitely doable for a day trip (and trust me, we’ve spent plenty of days and nights in those mountains!), it’s not exactly convenient. Our ideal situation would be living in a place where we could walk out our back door and be in the mountains or be on a great fly fishing creek.

Over the past year of being an outdoor lover living far from the wild, I’ve learned three tricks for coping. Here you go!

  1. Schedule wilderness time. That’s right…put it on your calendar. Designate days in which you will take the time necessary to get yourself to the mountains. Treat it like an important business meeting and DON’T CANCEL. Just go, no matter how busy you are or how unpleasant the drive sounds. You’ll feel so much better once you are breathing that fresh, wild air. 
  2. Pack ahead of time. Make sure your gear is packed up and ready to go in your vehicle ahead of time. Waking up at 4am in order to hit the road, and then still having to pack up is tough. You’ll be more likely to just scrap your plans and take a raincheck on your adventures. So, pack up the night before or a few days before. You’ll be so glad you did once your alarm goes off. 
  3. Allow as much time as possible. Try to allow yourself as much time in the wild as possible. It will make the long drive feel less grueling. If you can, try to make your excursion an over night one, or better yet, a few nights. 

What are your tips for making time for the great outdoors, even if you live far away from the mountains?

xo, Anna