Travel Diary: Babymoon In Paris

The most handsome man in the world! <3

In January, Ben took me to Paris and it was the best trip of my life! Let me back up a little bit and give some background. We had had a trip planned for almost a year, and it was to Cabo. We were going to go with two of our best friends and spend a week in paradise, drinking margaritas and eating chips and salsa in the sun. Our tickets were booked, all the details were set, shopping had been done, and we were ready to go and SO excited. 

Then, in November I found out I was pregnant (YAY!!)! This didn’t change our Mexico plans, other than ruling out the margaritas, and I was excited for a tropical getaway and to debut my little baby bump in a bikini. The WEEK that we were supposed to leave for Mexico, the CDC issued a notice advising pregnant women to avoid traveling to Mexico because of the Zika virus. The Zika virus is pretty harmless to everyone else, but it is thought to cause brain deformities in unborn fetuses. Ben and I were sick about it - we didn’t know what to do. The advisory was for all of Mexico, and for awhile we went back and forth, wondering if we could just go and keep me dripping with bug spray and swathed in long sleeves and pants. But ultimately, (and at the encouragement of our doctor), we made the difficult decision to cancel our Cabo trip a day or two before our flight. It was so hard to cancel and to bail on our friends, but we knew that we would be worried about our baby the WHOLE time we were there, and that if something ended up happening to the baby we would never be able to forgive ourselves. 

We were pretty depressed after canceling our Mexican getaway. We moped, I cried, we were stressed out, and just SO disappointed. Then we realized that Ben already had the time off of work. We started playing with the idea of trying to find somewhere else to go for the next week. To make a long story short, Ben ended up booking us a flight to Paris! He booked the tickets at around 9pm and our flight left the next morning. It was SO exciting!! We packed hurriedly, and tried to get a few hours of sleep, despite our excitement. 

Our trip was (however cheesy it may sound) an absolute DREAM. Seriously, the best week of my life. It was so romantic and exciting and beautiful and fun. I had never been overseas before so the whole experience was just so meaningful and special. We saw so many incredible things and places: the Eiffel Tower, the louvre, Belleau Wood, Champs-Elysees, the catacombs, the love lock bridge, Notre Dame, and SO much more! We ate the most INCREDIBLE food at the best little restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops - we didn’t eat at the same place twice, there were SO many amazing places to try! We had so much fun together, experiencing a different culture and a new language and all of the amazing sights! It was the most magical week. We also met some amazing people! Everyone was SO incredibly friendly, helpful, welcoming, and nice! We stayed in two different flats during our week in Paris, that were both so nice and in amazing locations. The manager of one of the flats gave us a tour around the city and bought us pastries and took us to this little museum that we never would have found on our own because it was so tucked away. It was SO nice of him and so fun and interesting. 

It was also SO special because it was our babymoon! We celebrated hitting the second trimester and we got to spend such amazing quality time together! It was just the best most perfect most romantic most fun trip EVER! Paris made for the absolute best babymoon destination! We even got some photos of my baby bump by the Eiffel Tower, which was so cool and those pictures will be so special to have!

About 14 weeks pregnant - 2nd trimester, woohoo!

Our babymoon in Paris was a magical, dream-like blur. I am so blessed to have such an incredible husband to share all of life’s adventures with! :) I know that Paris is such a beloved destination for SO many people. But somehow it feels like Ben's and my special place...our Paris. It will always have a place in our hearts and the memories we made in that beautiful city are priceless and will stay with us for the rest of our lives! 

Have you gone on a babymoon? If so, where did you go?

xo, Anna