Why You Should Invest In A Good Day Planner

If you follow me on social media, you've probably seen me post about my beloved Day Designer on a few occasions! Basically, I am obsessed. I got my first Day Designer last year and it changed my life. No, really.

I never really got the whole day planner thing. I tried a few over the years, but nothing ever stuck or worked very well for me. For me, the Day Designer was the perfect fit. It's visually appealing, very organized, has spots for daily gratitude as well as daily motivational quotes. I can see my whole month laid out, as well as each day and week. It's just exactly what I needed and I really can't function without it any more.

A good day planner can change your life. The right one can help you to get organized, stay on track, and plan ahead. All of this means that you will be less stressed out and you wont miss important deadlines or forget about all of those billions of tasks and to-dos that you have bouncing around in your head.

Writing in my planner and planning out my days and weeks has become a part of my morning ritual. I actually look forward to sitting down with my Day Designer in the morning with a cup of coffee and getting organized and planned out. Plus, nothing is more rewarding than crossing things off of my to-do list when I've completed tasks.

I am now a firm believer in day planners. I highly recommend finding one that works well for you, and then pulling the trigger and investing in it. Think of it as investing in your success and well-being. It's worth it.

I, clearly, am partial to the Day Designer, but I realize they are a little pricey. There are other options out there that are cheaper and will be just as good for getting organized. The point is to get all of those tasks, appointments, reminders, important dates, and events out of your head and down on paper in a clear fashion.

Do you use a day planner? What kind is your favorite? Share in the comments below!

xo, Anna