My Pregnancy Diet

Burrito Bowl

I've gotten many requests to do a post about my diet and nutrition during pregnancy. So, I'm finally getting this posted! Basically, I've made a few lists of things that I have eaten during my pregnancy. I'll be honest - I haven't been perfect with my nutrition. In fact, I've indulged in doughnuts, cold stone, burgers, and captain crunch more than I'd care to share. However, over all I've tried to really make an effort to eat clean and to give my baby the nutrients necessary to help him grow big and strong. For me it was especially important to keep an eye on my diet since I was on bedrest for 16 weeks with very minimal physical movement or activity. Put simply, a healthy diet was key to keeping me from blowing up like a whale.

Without further ado, here are some lists of things I ate regularly throughout my pregnancy! I hope these are helpful!!

There you have it! The above are just a few of the things I have eaten on a regular basis throughout pregnancy. Obviously, my husband and I go out to dinner sometimes, and I eat pizza and junk a lot... BUT, overall, these are things I prepare regularly for myself. I eat A LOT of fruit, a lot of meat, and I try to eat a lot of veggies. I also try to get a lot of calcium in my diet through cheese, yogurt, and milk.

Oh! That reminds me! Here are some drinks that I have been loving while pregnant:

Thanks for reading! Let me know if this was helpful or if you want more details on anything or if you have any questions or suggestions... anything!

xo, Anna