Review: Anchor Nutrition Bars

Image: Anchor Nutrition

I suffered from really awful morning sickness in my first trimester. It was BAD. If I didn't constantly have something in my stomach, I would feel nauseated and often times would throw up. First thing in the morning was the absolute worst! I only wish I had known about Anchor Nutrition Bars at that time!!

Recently, Anchor Nutrition contacted me and asked if I'd like to try out some of their nutrition bars. They are made with natural ingredients and claim to prevent nausea. These bars were designed with pregnant women in mind, so the ingredients are all safe and healthy. They are also effective for the prevention of motion sickness that one might experience while flying, in the car, or on a boat.

Image: Anchor Nutrition

Here are the ingredients found in these bars:

+whey crisps

+whey protein isolate


+fiber syrup (chicory root)

+almond butter

+brown rice syrup




I was really excited to try these out! It just so happens that a day after receiving these bars in the mail, I was hit with a bout of morning sickness - the first real nausea I have experienced since my first trimester. I instantly scarfed down one of these bars. Within, I would say, ten minutes or so, my nausea was gone! So, in my opinion, these bars really do what they say they are going to do. The taste isn't bad either! I really enjoyed the texture and flavor. My husband had a nibble of one of the bars and he wasn't a big fan of the taste. So, I guess it just depends on personal preference. I like them though! I would definitely stock up on these the next time I get pregnant, or for the next time I travel.

Anyways, here is a link to the Anchor Nutrition website where you can purchase some of these bars. If you're pregnant, I highly recommend giving them a try!

xo, Anna