Mommy Monday: 38 Weeks!

I'll miss my shelf!!

Well, here I am! Still pregnant! haha Who would have EVER thought?! I seriously can't believe that, after assuming he'd be here early for so long, he is actually still in there! What a blessing! But also, let's be done now. haha Just kidding. He can, of course stay in as long as he needs to and I'm SO thankful that we've made it to full term!! What a relief! BUT. I'm freaking uncomfortable. haha My feet and legs are GINORMOUS - like...beyond swollen and tight and they HURT like heck!! I don't fit in any of my shoes! I'm having so many cramps and contractions. I officially full-on waddle now. I pee every five minutes. Oh boy...hahaha The last few weeks of pregnancy are no joke!

But, I'm still loving it. And I'm going to miss it so much once I'm not pregnant any more. It's just such a beautiful, exciting, special experience! I have been getting in some squats, stretching, and resistance band workouts, and I've been trying to walk more. It feels nice to be able to do little workouts again!! But I'm so swollen and big and lumbering that I honestly can't do much, haha.

On Friday we had a doctor's appointment. He checked my cervix, and as he was checking it he said, "Oh! I'm not going to be seeing you next week." When I asked why, he said he doesn't think I'll make it to the next appointment (this coming Friday). I was 2-3cm dilated and pretty much fully effaced. Now, we'll see, because I've read of people being more dilated than that and lasting several more weeks. SO. We'll see if he's right!

He also said that he was going to offer to sweep my membranes that day, but that he had called labor and delivery and they were pretty busy so he decided not to. But if I make to the next appointment he will do the sweep at that time! So, this coming Friday, if I'm still preggers, he'll do a sweep! For those of you who don't know, a membrane sweep is when the doctor inserts a finger into the cervix and gently separates the bag of water from the uterus. It's a natural way of trying to get things going. It only works to start labor if your body is already ready for it, so there is no risk. Can you believe that I'm at the point where the doctor is actually going to be doing something to try to help START LABOR?! What!? So exciting!! I can't wait!

In other exciting and TMI news, I lost my mucous plug. I'm not going to explain what this is, you can google it if you want. haha But let's just say that it is a sign that labor is coming! It really is just a matter of time now!

I've had bouts of really bad, painful contractions that come every 3-5 minutes or so, but they don't last for more than an hour and then they stop completely. So, not the real deal yet. But things are happening and little boy is going to be making his appearance very very soon!! Ben and I are just BEYOND excited for him to be born!! I've been walking a lot, eating spicy food, eating pineapple, etc... trying lots of tricks to naturally get labor going. Obviously I don't want to rush things so I haven't been going crazy. But I'm just so excited to finally get to hold him in my arms! It still feels surreal that at the end of this entire experience we are going to have a BABY.

It's Ben's birthday today!! And it was our 8 year wedding anniversary yesterday - read our love story here! I was kind of hoping that our son would be born on Saturday because then it would have been his birthday, our anniversary, and Ben's birthday all in a row. Plus, I thought it would be cool if Ben and I were both the same age when the baby was born. But, oh well! Ben will be 28 and I'll be 27! That's just fine! :)

How far along: 38 weeks 6 days

Total weight gain/loss: Up about 45lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes! Next pregnancy, I will be investing in more maternity pieces up front!! There's no point in buying more now, but I have NOTHING TO WEAR!!

Stretch marks? POSSIBLY a few little ones by my belly's hard to tell! I'm hoping not though!!

Sleep: Not awful! Still getting up a lot to pee.

Best moment this week: Celebrating our 8 year wedding anniversary! <3

Have you told family and friends: Yes!

Movement: Lots! :)

Food cravings: Ice cream, doughnuts, pineapple

Anything making you queasy or sick: No!

Have you started to show yet: Yes, I'm SO LARGE.

Gender: Boy!

Labor Signs: Contractions, cramps, intense pressure, sore inner thighs, lost my mucous plug!

Belly Button in or out? Flat and sort of in a bit more than it has been in awhile!

Wedding rings on or off? Off, but wearing a place holder ring!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy this week interspersed with moments of emotional craziness. haha

Symptoms: Pelvic pressure, very swollen feet and legs (and hands and arms and face and everything), sore all over, thirsty, shortness of breath, contractions, cramping, peeing all the time.

Thanks for reading!! The countdown is ON! 8 days left until his due date! What do you think? What's your guess for when he'll be born?? Comment below and let me know!!

xo, Anna