Sunday Positivity

There is something to be said about being generous with our compliments and with our words towards one another. I've found that whenever I speak freely and tell someone honestly when I think they look pretty, or when I like their makeup or outfit, or anything, I feel so much better about myself. And you know what? It makes the other person feel good about themselves too! Win Win!

I challenge you this week to speak freely and to dish out compliments and kindness whenever you get the chance. If your co-worker's hair looks cute, let her know. If your friend posts a picture of herself after a work out, let her know how strong and beautiful she looks. If you see a stranger walking down the street who has cute shoes, tell her. If your waitress has amazing makeup, give her a compliment. I guarantee it will make you feel warm and fuzzy and it will make the person that you are complimenting feel amazing! Building others up feels great! :)

xo, Anna