Mommy Monday: Two Months Old!

Happy 2 months of life, baby boy!

Can you believe that James is TWO MONTHS OLD?? Wow! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. He is SO much bigger and more alert than he was when he was born, obviously. But it really is just so cool to see how he is growing and developing! More and more of his personality comes out every day, and he is the sweetest, most calm, good little boy. He's so good natured and fun and his smiles are the absolute best thing in the world! When he wakes up in the morning, he just lays in his bed and coos until I come over to get him and when he sees me he smiles the biggest smile. It makes me feel like the most amazing, important person!

James had his two month check up on Friday and he is 12lbs 4oz and 23 inches long! He's healthy and strong and growing just as he should be! He got his vaccines and he did so well with them. Of course he cried a bit while he was getting the shots, but he calmed right down afterwards!

He can roll over from his tummy to his back (he's been doing this since four weeks) and he can hold his head up (he's been doing this since the day he was born...he's SO strong!! Even the doctors and nurses are amazed by him!). Some of his clothes are already too small for him - he's starting to fit into the 3-6 months clothes. He has been sleeping for six and seven hour stretches at night *hallelujah*! He likes being read to and he loves music and bath time and he really really loves being outside. He's just the best. :)

I can't wait for James to experience all of the holidays this year! Ben and I are going to take him to a pumpkin patch soon, which will be so cute! I couldn't be happier...I feel so blessed and I am so in love with my little family!!

Have a great week!

xo, Anna