Read Along With Me: Winter Reading List

This year, I'm doing my book club a bit differently. Instead of posting one book for us all to read and then discuss each month, I'll be doing one post per season. I'll be giving you a list of some of the books that I'm planning on reading each season. That way you can read along with me and pick and choose which books appeal to you! Also, if you're anything like me, one book suggestion each month is just not nearly enough.

I'll be suggesting 10 books per season, so you'll be set for lots and lots of literary goodness!

So, let's get right into it, shall we? Here are the ten books that I am planning on reading this Winter:

 1. A Man Called Ove, By Fredrik Backman (I'm currently reading this one and I am loving it!!)

6. The Chemist, By Stephenie Meyer

10. Career Of Evil, By Robert Galbraith

Let me know what you think of this new Read Along With Me format! And be sure to share any other good books that you've read lately - I love recommendations!!

Happy Reading!!