Mommy Monday: Best Baby Toys

*I am aware of all the news stories about Sophie the Giraffe and the mold - James JUST started using his and I plan on throwing it away after a bit before it gets gross. :)

My apologies that this Mommy Monday post is going up on a Tuesday. All I can say is... Mom Life happened. :)

James is going to be 7 months old on Thursday! I know I sound like a broken record whenever I write about how old he is, but I mean, HOW IS HE 7 months old?? It's insane how fast it goes. What in the world!

Over the past 7 months, I've come to see what types of toys and gear are MUSTS...and which ones we probably could have done without.

I thought I'd share our baby toy must haves today, because we've found some really great ones! And I know how hard it can be to sort through AAALLL of the STUFF out there to find toys that are actually of value and quality. 

So, without further ado, here are some of our must-have, James-approved toys:

1. Noggin Stick

This toy is kind of ugly, it's hard, it's expensive...but man oh man, it is James' FAVORITE TOY, and has been since he was a newborn. I don't know what it is about this rattle, but it is the best and my number one MUST have baby toy!

2. Indestructibles

These books are indestructible, and are the BEST for babies! James loves to play with his Indestructibles, and yes, they truly are INDESTRUCTIBLE!  They don't rip, tear, desolve, bleed...anything. You can even wash them. They are sososo great. Highly recommend.

3. Munch Mitt

When your baby starts teething, you'll WANT THE MUNCH MITT. Trust me. It Velcros onto their little hand so that they can munch away and soothe their aching gums. Plus, it wont fall onto the floor.

4. Kick & Play Piano Gym

This play mat is the BEST. It has a piano keyboard that can either go vertically or horizontally, so your baby can either kick it while lying on the mat, OR he can sit and play the piano with his hands. The keyboard also detaches so that an older baby can carry it around with him.

5. Bazillion Buckets

James got these buckets for Christmas and they are seriously one of his FAVORITE things to play with! They can stack small to big or big to small, and James LOVES to drop the little buckets into the bigger buckets. They keep him busy and entertained, and they are good for mental development!

6. Alphabet Activity Cube

James love his alphabet activity cube! It play songs, teaches him numbers, letters, animals, and colors, and has so many interactive things for him to do. AND, he LOVES to stand at the cube by himself like a big boy! :) Definitely one of his favorites!

7. Octoplush

This octopus always makes James smile! He ESPECIALLY loved this toy when he was a little bitty baby. It plays different classical music and also teaches colors.

8. Mozart Magic Cube

This is James' newest toy and he LOVES it! He rolls it around the floor and wiggles after it. It plays different Mozart songs and each side of the cube is a different instrument. It's the best!

Those are our top all-time favorite baby toys, as of almost 7 months old.

I hope that this list is helpful for you when sorting through AAAALLLL the toys out there. These ones are all winners! At least in James' book they are! :)

Have a beautiful week, friends!