Sunday Positivity

How amazing is this quote?? It is all the more amazing when you consider that it is from Helen Keller - a woman who was born blind AND deaf. You could say that she was denied quite a bit in life. But here she says that she didn't even have time to think about what she didn't have because she was so busy with all that she DID have. That's an incredible inspiration to me.

I am so blessed and have SO much, and yet I still manage to find ways to be discontent and to think about all of the things and opportunities that I don't have. Focusing on what I don't have does ZERO fact, it makes me feel down right icky.

It is very stressful to dwell on everything that you don't have. Focusing on things that you can not change, or keeping a tally of material goods that you don't possess is a sure-fire way to be an unhappy, anxiety-ridden, bitter person.

There will ALWAYS be something that you don't have. We weren't meant to have everything. The beauty comes in focusing on all that we DO have. Because when you look for it, you'll realize that you have SO much...

And if Helen Keller didn't have time to ponder the things that she was denied in life because she was SO busy appreciating all that she had been given, then we certainly can at least try to follow her example!

Have a beautiful week, friends!