Read Along With Me: Spring Reading List

Spring is here...hooray! I don't know about you, but I got SO MUCH reading done this winter!  Which was such a nice surprise since I was expecting to not be able to read much what with having a baby now...but my reading has not been compromised and I have read some GREAT books so far this year!

Here is my Spring Book List - books that I am planning on reading this season.

Comment below and let me know what you will be reading this Spring!

1. Behind Closed Doors (Get the book here)

2. Idaho (Get the book here)

3. Voyager (Get the book here)

4. The Last Anniversary (Get the book here)

5. You Are A Badass (Get the book here)

6. Honolulu (Get the book here)

8. The Girl Before (Get the book here)

9. Unveiled (Get the book here)

10. It Ends With Us (Get the book here)

Happy reading, and HAPPY SPRING!!