Review: Elfbox!


Hi everyone!

I wanted to come on here real quick to tell you guys about this incredible new company that some friends of ours started: Elfbox.

Now, let me start off by saying this is NOT SPONSORED. I am just genuinely very excited about this service and our whole family really loves it!

So, what is Elfbox? It's a monthly toy subscription! Every month, you get a new box full of toys, tailored to your child (or childrens') ages! The toys are all non-electronic, high quality, classic toys. You get a mix of toys that are sensory, music, motor skill, and problem-solving oriented. You play with the toys for a whole month, and then you receive a new box full of NEW toys. Once you get the new box, you send back the old box full of toys (it's free to mail it back). If there is a toy that you'd like to keep from your box, you simply don't send it back and you will be automatically charged for the (discounted) price of the toy. It's seriously SUCH a cool idea!

We have received two boxes so far, and I was nervous that maybe the second box wouldn't be as great as the first one. But really I think it's almost better! James was SO excited when a new green box showed up at our door. He knew exactly what it was! I shared some videos of him opening his new Elfbox on Instagram, it was so cute!

Anyways, if you guys want to try out Elfbox for yourself, you can get your first month for only $10 by signing up HERE

Also, I have been reading up on a more minimalistic motherhood (I'll write a whole post on this later). But I love the idea of eventually getting down to having maybe five toys of our own, and then just getting Elfbox every month. We'll see if we can actually make that happen. ;)

Click here to sign up for Elfbox and recieve your first box for only $10!


Have a great weekend!

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