Shop The #NSale With Me! My Public Access Picks


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It's finally here: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to the public! Click here to head to Nordstrom's website and start shopping!!

I'm going to be sharing all of my picks from the sale here in this post! Items sell out FAST!! So, definitely grab what you like right away (just putting it in your shopping cart doesn't save it - you have to actually purchase it!). Nordstrom has the BEST return policy, so you can definitely return whatever you don't end up wanting to keep! Plus, shipping is FREE! So I'd suggest that if you see something you want in YOUR size, BUY IT. You can make lots of separate orders because shipping is free so it doesn't matter.

The point is: snag the things you want RIGHT AWAY. They will sell out FAST!, within hours.

Also, be sure to head to my Instagram (@annamcohenblog) and take a look at my try-on that I did of everything that I ordered from the sale! It's saved in my highlights under 'Nordstrom Sale' and I talk a lot about fit, comfort, sizing, etc... I linked to everything in my try-on so it's super easy to shop each item as well!

Ok, so below are all of my top picks from the sale! I'm including EVERYTHING that I love/that I ordered and I hope these items will be in stock!! You will have to just click on each picture below to see if it is in stock and what sizes and colors are available!

Click on each picture below to be taken to the product page for all pricing, sizing, and color info!

Happy Shopping!!

Let me know what you score from the sale!!

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