Read Along With Me: December's Book Club Book + What's To Come In 2017!

2016 is QUICKLY coming to an end...crazy! It's been so fun having you read along with me this year! To close out the year, we will be reading 'Wild and Free' by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan.

Here's a little blurb from Amazon about this book:

Wild and Free is an anthem and an invitation in equal parts to find freedom from the cultural captivity that holds us back, and freedom to step into the wild and holy call of God in our lives. With fresh biblical insight tracing all the way back to Eve and a treasury of practical application, Jess and Hayley reveal how women today can walk in the true liberty we already have in Jesus.

Because you don’t have to be everything to everyone. You don’t have to try so hard to button it up and hold it together. And you certainly don’t have to quiet the voice that God gave you when he created you to sing. Wild and Free will help you shake off the lies of insecurity in your life, and step forward to maximize your God-given influence for his glory and the world’s good.

Join me in reading this book and be sure to head back to this post when you've finished it to comment with your thoughts!

So, what's the plan for 2017?

Well, I'm going to do things a bit differently. I'll be posting a Reading List each season...four total. Each reading list will contain a list of several books that I plan to read that season. That way you can see what I'm reading (and what I'm going to be reading) over the next few months.

The first reading list will be my Winter Reading List and it will be posted in January, so check back for that!

Thanks for reading along, and let's keep the discussions going! i love discussing good books with good people! :)

Happy reading, friends!

Read Along With Me: March's Book!

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed February’s book, ‘This Is How I’d Love You’! Such a sweet, romantic story. Be sure to head over to last month’s Read Along With Me post to share your thoughts on the book in the comments! Remember, there are prizes on the line! Make sure to share your thoughts AND respond to other people’s comments in the discussions - the most active participants are in for some fun goodies! :)

For March, we will be reading ‘In A Dark, Dark Wood’ by Ruth Ware. This is a thriller, kind of in the same vein as ‘Gone Girl’. I am obsessed with that genre and type of story! I can’t wait to discuss March’s book with you all at the end of next month! Happy reading!

xo, Anna

Read Along With Me: Join My Book Club!

I am SO excited to officially launch my Read Along Book Club, kicking off in January of 2016! Read along with me as we make our way through a new book each month! I will post the book of the month a few days prior to the first day of the new month. That way we will all have time to get a copy and get ready to read along together! We can discuss each book in the comments of the book posts! I am really looking forward to reading and sharing thoughts with you all in the new year! 

I will ALSO be doing giveaways throughout the year to those in my book club! The giveaways will include books and bookish things that ANY book-lover is sure to love!! All you have to do to be eligible to win one of the giveaways is comment actively on each month's book post with your reviews, thoughts, and opinions on each book! Let me know that you are IN by introducing yourself in the comments below! Remember, actively commenting on EACH month's book post will make you eligible to win book-related goodies and prizes! So, don't be shy! Share your thoughts, offer your insight, and interact with the other book club members! And while you're at it, invite a friend to join in on the fun as well! 

Without further ado, I give you January's book! In the month of January we will be reading 'The Knockoff' by Lucy Sykes and Jo Plazza! Pick up your copy and get to reading! We can discuss the book in the comments below. I am so excited to read this book with you all. This should be light and fun to read! I'm looking forward to packing this one along on my trip to Mexico in January to enjoy on the beach! ;) Happy reading!