Mommy Monday: 29 Weeks Pregnant With Number Two!


This is going to be a quick little update because:

1. Today was busy and it's currently after 10:30pm and I'm TIRED.

2. There isn't all that much to report! Which is GOOD! Still an uneventful pregnancy!

This past week I washed all of the newborn clothes and got my hospital bag *pretty* much packed! So exciting! I still need to add a few things in like toiletries, snacks, chargers, etc...


On Saturday, we took James to ride/see/meet Thomas the Train! It was our birthday present to him (a week early) and it was such a fun experience! James loved riding on the train! So thankful for this sweet family of mine!

Tomorrow is Ben's and my 10 year wedding anniversary! <3 I'm planning on getting a special post up here tomorrow for it, so check back! Then on Wednesday, it's Ben's 30th birthday! Such an exciting week! :)

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday, so next Monday I'll have more updates for you guys!

Here's this week's survey:

How far along: 29 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: Up 19.4 lbs as of last appointment. Will update this next Monday, as I'll be weighed at my appointment on Friday!

Maternity clothes? Yes! Just got some more of these maternity t-shirts which are the best thing  ever! Click here for t-shirts

Stretch marks? All around/above my belly button.

Sleep: Getting up like 5 times per night to pee, but other than that really well!

Best moment this week: Watching James on his first train ride, sitting on his daddy's lap!

Have you told family and friends: Yes!

Movement: All the time!! :) Love this active little boy!

Food cravings: Fruit and doughnuts :)

Anything making you queasy or sick: No.

Have you started to show yet: Yes! At that point where I'm like... how could I get bigger? 11 weeks left!! I'm scared! haha

Gender: Boy!

Labor Signs: Lots of Braxton Hicks.

Belly Button in or out? The top part is out, the bottom part is in. Still.

Wedding rings on or off? Off! Wearing a place holder ring.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy this week!

Symptoms: Leg cramps, heart burn, light-headed, out of breath, THIRSTY, hungry all the time stretch marks, spider veins, EMOTIONAL, hormonal, feet starting to hurt if I stand on them too long. Same as last week, nothing new really!

I never cease to appreciate the fact that I"m having such a smooth pregnancy this time around! So thankful!

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 2.16.27 PM.png

Mommy Monday: 29 Weeks!

Dress: Mura Boutique // Bag: Kate Spade // Sunglasses: Kate Spade // Sweater: Target

Happy Monday! This past week was pretty uneventful (thankfully!!). We had our weekly doctor’s appointment with the perinatologist last Tuesday and my cervix is stable and all is well!! Then on Thursday I had a doctor’s appointment with my OB, and I was measuring exactly 29 weeks! Then on Friday I went back in and got a Rhogam shot (because I have a negative blood type) and my Tdap vaccine. It was a big week! haha Oh, by the way for those who have been asking, I do NOT have gestational diabetes! Woohoo! I passed the three hour test! I failed only one of the four draws, and you have to fail two to be diagnosed with GD so I am officially in the clear! My doctor even flat out told me I could have a donut, just not too many. haha Music to my ears! Donuts are my BIGGEST weakness. 

My mom has been staying with us to help me while Ben was at work this past week. Since I was in the hospital we just didn’t want me to be home alone. She has been such a huge help!! She even painted my toe nails for me since I can’t reach them any more and I can’t go get a pedicure because, well, bedrest. So sweet of her! 

She has also been helping us pack because WE ARE MOVING BACK TO WASHINGTON! Yep, Ben got a transfer with work and we are heading back to WA! My doctor gave me the go ahead to fly and said to GO NOW while I’m so stable! So, I’m flying up with my mom on Wednesday!! Day after tomorrow, oh my goodness! Ben has to finish out the week at work and then he is driving up! It’s all happening so fast, but we are so excited to be moving! It will be so nice to have our little boy be born near family and friends! 

Anyways, all is well! Prayers and good vibes for a safe move, please!! :) 30 weeks tomorrow...YAY!

How far along: 29 weeks 6 days

Total weight gain/loss: Up about 22 lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes!

Stretch marks? No!

Sleep: Oh, you know…haha What sleep?? But, as someone pointed out - great practice for when the little guy gets here! :)

Best moment this week: Hearing that my cervix is still stable!

Have you told family and friends: Yes! 

Movement: So much! It’s so fun and crazy to watch and feel little body parts bulging across my stomach!

Food cravings: Nothing in particular!

Anything making you queasy or sick: No!

Have you started to show yet: Yep!

Gender: Boy!

Labor Signs: Just the Braxton Hicks type contractions!

Belly Button in or out? Mostly out…a tiny bit of the bottom of it is still in, haha

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Emotional but happy!

Symptoms: Some Braxton Hicks type contractions, frequent trips to the restroom, crying at everything, haha.

Thanks for reading! And a HUGE thank you to everyone for all of the sweet messages, comments, prayers, well-wishes...everything! Thank you!! All of the kindness we've received from loved ones AND from strangers around the world has been just so amazing and it means so much to us! 

xo, Anna