My Picks From The Nordstrom Sale For Kids and Babies!

Today, I'm sharing my top picks for kids and babies from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Some of these items are things that we have used and LOVED, and others are things that I really want to try out! Enjoy!

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What's In My Baby's Hospital Bag!

After my 'What's In My Hospital Bag' post, I received a lot of requests for a post about what I have in my baby's hospital bag! So here you have it: this is what I'm bringing along for my baby when I go into labor!

The stylish bag that I'm using for my baby's hospital bag! ;)

1. Hat, Mittens, and Socks. I packed a little hat (that my mom knit!!), some socks, and some little mittens. I heard that mittens are good for newborns so that they don't scratch themselves with their sharp little nails. Plus, they are so cute! And look at those TINY little socks!! *squee!*

2. Diapers and Wipes.  Most hospitals provide these, but I packed a few newborn diapers and some baby wipes just in case we need them on the car ride home! I love these Seventh Generation diapers so much!

3. Burp Cloth and Swaddle Blankets. I'm bringing one little cotton swaddle blanket and then a big muslin swaddle blanket. I want a couple of options for pictures. I am SO in love with this organic muslin swaddle blanket from Modern Burlap and I can't wait to wrap my little boy in it. I'm also bringing along a burp cloth.

4. Clothes. I'm packing a few outfit options. I'm bringing one pair of long sleeved pajamas, and two short sleeved onesies. I'm also bringing a little pair of leggings to go with the onesies if needed. And I'm packing this cute bib from Copper Pearl!

I'm also bringing along a camera! I'm not bringing binkis because I've read that for breastfeeding it's not recommended that you introduce pacifiers for a bit until the baby has mastered latching, etc... I'm also not bringing my breast pump because the hospital will provide one if I need it.

I was debating using my diaper bag as my baby's hospital bag, but this little bag that I ended up using is a lot smaller and squishes down so I decided to use it instead. But, for those of you who have asked, this is the diaper bag that I will be using! I love it so far! I love that it doesn't look like a diaper bag and it's a neutral color so it will go with any outfit.

What did you pack/are you packing in YOUR baby's hospital bag? I'd love any suggestions or ideas seeing as I am a first time mom! :) Share in the comments below!

xo, Anna

Pregnancy Q&A: Ask Away!

I get SO many messages, e-mails, and comments asking questions about pregnancy, preparing for a new baby, high-risk pregnancy, bed rest, how I plan on incorporating a baby into my adventurous lifestyle, etc... I've decided it might be fun to do a Q&A so that I can answer all of your questions in one blog post! I could even do a Snapchat Q&A if you guys think that would be fun. Let me know what format you'd like: blog post, Snapchat, or both!

Anyways, if you have any questions for me regarding pregnancy or becoming a first time mom or planning a babymoon or preparing for a new baby or anything, feel free to ask! Send your question(s) to me through the Contact form under the About tab in the menu. You can also Snap me your questions, or leave them in a comment below! Heck, you can even IG message me! Whatever floats your boat! Just send your questions over and let me know what format you'd like the Q&A to be in and I will get to work answering all of your questions!

I'd like to do a Q&A about blogging/writing/freelance work sometime soon as well. I get a TON of questions about these topics as well so I think it would be fun to dig deeper and answer your questions in a blog post or Snapchat or YouTube video. Let me know what you think!

xo, Anna

Giveaway! Copper Pearl

Attention mamas and expecting mamas! I've teamed up with Copper Pearl to give away a $50 credit to their website! They have the CUTEST bandana bibs in all different colors and prints, and the softest, cutest milt-use covers! They sent recently sent me one of their covers and I already LOVE it! 

Head to my Instagram ( @tiugirlanna ) for details and to enter to win! Good luck!!

xo, Anna

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