Clean With Me: Cleaning Schedule


I've finally figured out a great schedule for cleaning my house...I feel so grown up! haha I used to struggle so much with keeping things clean and with knowing what exactly TO clean. I mean, there were so many things that I didn't even think about ... like for some reason, cleaning toilets and stoves and washing windows and wiping down the microwave and oven...these things didn't even occur to me.

So, coming up with an organized method for cleaning certain things around the house has made a huge difference and has really helped to keep me on track. I've watched a lot of cleaning YouTube videos (yes they are a thing and they are strangely addicting and fun to watch!) and I've learned HOW to clean as well as WHAT to clean.

A lot of you requested this post, and I'm finally getting it all put together for you! Below is a sample of what my cleaning schedule looks like:


  • Sweep
  • Take out trash
  • Spray down shower with this cleaner (click here for cleaner)
  • Wipe down the counters and kitchen table
  • Unload/load the dishwasher
  • Clean up toys several times throughout the day to keep a handle on it
  • Make bed
  • Organize papers/mail/etc...



  • Wipe down light switches, door knobs, walls, etc...
  • Wipe down kitchen cabinets
  • Clean the inside of the microwave
  • Wipe down inside of cabinets
  • Sort through clothes, toys, books and set aside for goodwill
  • Clean inside of fridge and freezer
  • Organize the pantry
  • Clean coffee maker

What are your tips and tricks for keeping on top of cleaning? Please share! Also, what are you favorite cleaning products? I've linked some of mine below!

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 2.16.27 PM.png

Three Secrets To Having A Tidy Home

We all know that know? The one who's house is always spotless and perfectly tidy and put together. I used to not understand this. I assumed some people were just really into cleaning and decorating, like it was an unachievable skill. You either had it or you didn't. I, I thought, did not have it. I would find myself suddenly surrounded by a mess so large and overwhelming that my stress level would finally hit it's max. I would end up binge cleaning for a good few hours, or even designating a weekend to cleaning. It felt like things were always out of place and like there was no where to put them.

Keeping the house clean was hard! Or so I thought...

Then, something magical happened. I started to put two and two together... I began to see a trend in the habits of people who always have clean, tidy, put together spaces.

First of all, I noticed that they clean as they go.

I realized that if I cleaned as I went along, a huge mess never materialized and therefore I didn't reach that insane level of stress that comes along with things being out of place and out of control.

If I cooked a meal and cleaned up after myself as I went, the kitchen wouldn't be strewn with used utensils and cookware, and there wouldn't be food splattered everywhere that needed to be wiped up. If I did the dishes right after dinner, they wouldn't sit in the sink, building up into an intimidating pile.

If I make my bed every morning, the bedroom looks pretty and tidy. If I fold the blanket nicely over the back of the couch after I use it, it looks nice and put together rather than messy and out of place.

Next, I found that they have a place for every single thing.

Every single thing, no matter how small, has a place. This makes it easier to put things away, as it is very straight forward where each item belongs. Designating a particular place for each item in your home makes for a more intentional design and layout, and doesn't leave room for clutter.

Thirdly, they have less.

When I look at homes and spaces that look very put together and tidy and beautiful, they usually all have the same thing in common: they aren't filled with unnecessary things. In fact, people who have tidy homes tend to have less stuff. The things that they do have are functional, beautiful, and serve a purpose. By having less, they are able to keep their counters, shelves, and other spaces looking clean, sleek, and intentional. It's a minimalist type of thing.

Since I've started implementing these three techniques, my house has been so clean and looks much more put together! I've gotten rid of a lot of unnecessary things that don't serve a purpose or bring me joy or go with the over all look or feel of my house. The things that I've kept now all serve a purpose and have their own designated place. And now I am a stickler for cleaning as I go. I hate leaving messes or leaving things out of place. It's SO much easier to just clean up along the way rather than having to deal with a huge gross mess that has built up over the course of a day or two.

What are your tips for keeping your home tidy and looking put together? Please share!

xo, Anna