What's In My Hospital Bag! Second Pregnancy


At almost 36 weeks pregnant with baby number two, I finally have my and my baby's hospital bags packed! I definitely am doing things a little bit differently this time around than I did with my first pregnancy. I learned a lot about what I do and do not need to bring with me to the hospital.

You can read what I packed in my hospital bags during my last pregnancy here and here.


First up, I'll just start with everything I'm bringing for ME:

  • Granny panties: haha Definitely bringing a giant pair of comfy granny panties!
  • Pads: The jumbo ones like these.
  • Snacks
  • Cell phone charger

I'm pretty sure that's all I'm bringing with me!

Now on to what I'm bringing for my baby:

  • Four outfits (including the one that matches my nightgown that I talked about above)
  • Sleep sacks: These are my number one MUST HAVE. Seriously, they were a game changer once we started using them for James, so I'm definitely bringing a couple of them to the hospital to start using with this baby right away! Click here for the sleep sacks
  • Mittens: For his little hands so he doesn't scratch himself. Click here for mittens
  • Socks
  • Hat

That's it! I mean, I plan on adding in some of these fuzzy, non-slip socks once they arrive. And I'm packing these joggers and this top for my "going home outfit."

Let me know what your MUST-HAVES are/were for YOUR hospital bag! I definitely don't want to forget anything important, but I'm also trying to not pack too much because last time I didn't use half of what I brought with me!

Also, head on over to my Instagram stories (@annamcohenblog) for a closer look at everything I packed!

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What's In My Baby's Hospital Bag!

After my 'What's In My Hospital Bag' post, I received a lot of requests for a post about what I have in my baby's hospital bag! So here you have it: this is what I'm bringing along for my baby when I go into labor!

The stylish bag that I'm using for my baby's hospital bag! ;)

1. Hat, Mittens, and Socks. I packed a little hat (that my mom knit!!), some socks, and some little mittens. I heard that mittens are good for newborns so that they don't scratch themselves with their sharp little nails. Plus, they are so cute! And look at those TINY little socks!! *squee!*

2. Diapers and Wipes.  Most hospitals provide these, but I packed a few newborn diapers and some baby wipes just in case we need them on the car ride home! I love these Seventh Generation diapers so much!

3. Burp Cloth and Swaddle Blankets. I'm bringing one little cotton swaddle blanket and then a big muslin swaddle blanket. I want a couple of options for pictures. I am SO in love with this organic muslin swaddle blanket from Modern Burlap and I can't wait to wrap my little boy in it. I'm also bringing along a burp cloth.

4. Clothes. I'm packing a few outfit options. I'm bringing one pair of long sleeved pajamas, and two short sleeved onesies. I'm also bringing a little pair of leggings to go with the onesies if needed. And I'm packing this cute bib from Copper Pearl!

I'm also bringing along a camera! I'm not bringing binkis because I've read that for breastfeeding it's not recommended that you introduce pacifiers for a bit until the baby has mastered latching, etc... I'm also not bringing my breast pump because the hospital will provide one if I need it.

I was debating using my diaper bag as my baby's hospital bag, but this little bag that I ended up using is a lot smaller and squishes down so I decided to use it instead. But, for those of you who have asked, this is the diaper bag that I will be using! I love it so far! I love that it doesn't look like a diaper bag and it's a neutral color so it will go with any outfit.

What did you pack/are you packing in YOUR baby's hospital bag? I'd love any suggestions or ideas seeing as I am a first time mom! :) Share in the comments below!

xo, Anna

What's In My Hospital Bag

I'm in week 34 of pregnancy, which means that there are less than six weeks until baby boy's due date!! How exciting! I've had my hospital bag packed since about twenty-four weeks or so (maybe even before that) due to being high risk. I wanted to be ready for anything, because we really didn't know when this little guy was going to be making his appearance! When I ended up in the hospital for contractions at 28 weeks, it was SO nice having this bag packed with all of my toiletries and other things in it. It made me so thankful that I had it ready early!

ADVICE TO PREGGOS: PACK YOUR HOSPITAL BAG EARLIER RATHER THAN LATER!! You never know what's going to happen and you'll be glad to have it ready to go!

Most moms-to-be start getting their hospital bag ready around this time though: thirty-four weeks. I've gotten a lot of questions about what I'm packing in my bag, so I have been meaning to put together a blog post sharing what I have packed! This is just covering my hospital bag full of what I will be using in the hospital. I have a separate bag packed for my baby. I'll do a different post on that bag and what I packed for him if you guys are interested in it! Just let me know in the comments below. 

So, here we go! What's in my hospital bag:

My stylin' hospital bag. ;)

1. Hospital Gown, Pillow Case, and Non-Slip Labor Socks.

Yes, call me ridiculous, but I want to look cute while giving birth. And gross hospital issued gowns just aren't doing' it for me. Thankfully, BabyBeMineMaternity.com has CUTE labor and delivery gowns and matching pillow cases! They come in all different colors and patterns. Here's the set that I have.  They also have these cute non-slip socks to wear during labor. (They also have them in blue.) They say "Ready, Set, Push!" and I think they are hilarious and adorable. Hopefully they'll give the nurses and doctor a chuckle. 

2. Nursing Nightgown and Cute Robe.

I am bringing this comfy nursing nightgown from Ingrid and Isabel, and this beautiful robe from Plum Pretty Sugar for after the big event is over and once I'm able to shower and get cleaned up.

3. Slippers and Flip Flops. 

I'm bringing a comfy pair of slippers to wear around while I'm in the hospital, as well as a pair of flip flops to wear in the shower. 

4. Toiletries.

Travel-sized shampoo and conditioner, bar of soap, shaving cream, razor, lip balm, lotion, floss, toothpaste, toothbrush, contact solution and case, glasses, hair brush, hair ties, mirror, mints, face wipes, and my makeup (not packed yet, I'll have to grab this on the way out the door because obviously I'm still using my makeup daily!). I want to look put together and pretty for our first pictures as a family of three! (Sorry Gunner, but you're not allowed in the hospital!)

5. Going Home Outfit. 

They say that right after you give birth, you'll still look like you're about six months pregnant. So I'm packing this fitted, comfy maternity dress from Ingrid & Isabel to wear home. I'll wear it with some flat gladiator sandals. Comfy and easy! 

6. Belly Bandit, Nursing Bra, Underwear, and Pads. 

I'm packing a couple of pairs of granny panties to wear after birth/on the way home, some pads, and nursing pads. Most hospitals provide disposable underwear and pads and all of that, but I'm bringing a few of my own just to be on the safe side. I'm also bringing a nursing bra (mine is from Target). 

Another thing I'm bringing is a Belly Bandit. I plan on starting to wear this ASAP after giving birth to help my tummy go back to normal! 

There you have it! Of course, I'm new to all of this, being a first time mom. If you have any recommendations for what else to bring along with me in my hospital bag, I'd LOVE to hear! Share any suggestions or tips in the comments below! 

xo, Anna