How To Be Happy: Lessons From My Son

His little face is still all chapped from his cold, but I lovelovelove these photos of my sweet, blue-eyed boy. James is such a joy - always smiling his big, bright-eyed, tooth-y (he has FIVE teeth now!) grin that lights up the room, as well as the hearts of everyone who sees him. He is a happy baby...people tell us that everywhere we go. He loves life and loves people and just always has so much fun, no matter what we are doing.

It's contagious!

Watching my happy, cheerful, bright baby boy, I can't help but admire his optimism and joy. I want to capture some of it and infuse it into my own life.

Everything is new and interesting and exciting and wondrous to baby James. As we grow and have more and more experiences, some of that newness and wonder unavoidably and inevitably fades away. We discover that, along with the amazing and fun and beautiful, life also holds many unpleasant things. We learn what it means to feel pain, betrayal, disappointment, and fear. We become disillusioned, losing that innocence, blind trust, and curiosity.

But watching James, I see that he is the perfect example of how to be happy. Here are some things that I've learned from my son:

  • Try new things, new foods, new places, new activities. Step outside of your comfort zone - new things challenge us, thrill us, scare us, and teach us. We grow mentally and physically by doing new things. The mundane can be depressing, discouraging, growth takes place there.
    But to try something new...that is what puts the excitement in life. That is the adventure of it.

  • Trust. Dare to trust. Dare to give people the benefit of the doubt. With age comes wisdom and intuition and good judgement. Use those. But also, try to let your guard down and trust. Take a leap of faith.
    Time can harden our hearts...try to let yours soften and see what happens.

  • Ask for help. When James wants a toy that he can not reach on his own, or when he wants to go somewhere that he can't get to, he turns to me and makes it clear that he would like help. He has no pride that gets in the way of receiving help when he needs it. Our pride often stands between us and our goals, and at times, even our needs. We become so intent on independence and self-sufficiency, which are important things, without a doubt. But it is also important to recognize the times when we would be better off and more successful by asking for help. There is no shame in acknowledging that we can not or should not do something on our own.

  • Appreciate the little things. My son takes such pleasure from the very littlest of things. Tickles on his tummy, a funny sounding voice, a silly word, birds chirping, a squirrel standing on a path, splashing water, a spoon banging a pot, his dog licking his face... watching him giggle and experience SO MUCH GENUINE JOY from the simplest of things makes my heart swell and yearn to be so easily HAPPY. We should remember that happiness, joy, and grace can be found in the little things...the things and events and items and experiences that maybe we have come to take for granted.
    Try to be consciously and intentionally grateful for the little things.

  • Show more affection. Cuddles, slobbery, open-mouthed kisses, gentle caresses of the face and arms and chest, a warm bright smile, holding hands...these signs of affection are second-nature to James. He shows his love so openly and so honestly. That kind of love is so rare. Life lends itself to heart-ache and each of us has - or will probably - experience betrayal, hurt-feelings, or heartbreak at some point. Experiences train us to be guarded with our emotions and with our feelings. We hold back, even at times when maybe what we should really do is rush into someone's arms and give them a big smile and kiss. Sometimes it is right to be unashamedly in love, enamored, and infatuated. Sometimes we need to cuddle, to touch, and to openly, genuinely all of the vulnerability that that entails.

My son is honest, kind, grateful, curious, loving, vulnerable, trusting, and brave. He has so much joy and happiness in his heart, and he has already, in his short little 8 months of life, been the greatest teacher I have ever known.

Precious Moments

Watch: Lord Timepieces (Use code 'ANNA' for 10% off!)// Sweater: Nordstrom (Similar here [on sale!] and here)// Leggings: Alo Yoga

James' Onesie: MilkBarn

Oh, this sweet little boy of mine. He brings SO much joy to my life...motherhood is indescribable and the love I feel for my sweet baby is more than anything I ever thought possible.

James is growing up SO FAST and lately I've been really focusing on trying to savor each and every little precious moment. In six and a half months, he has already grown so much - he is becoming incredibly independent and his personality is coming through more and more. He's the smiley-est, sweetest, gentlest, smartest, funniest person! He has two teeth now, can sit up on his own, can stand on his own holding onto something (without me holding him), can wave, says "mama" and "dada", and is so close to crawling. I desperately want time to slow's going too quickly!!

Time is slipping by, and I want to make sure that I am living in each moment and really experiencing every single minute with baby James. I don't ever want to forget these times.

I've been a lot more mindful of time-management techniques for this very purpose. I work from home, and it can be so easy to get caught up in work. I like to set limits for myself for how long I am on the computer or phone at a time. I've found that the BEST tool for this is just a good, classic watch. I love this one from Lord Timepieces - they have such a beautiful selection of women's watches and you can get 10% off your purchase with the code 'ANNA'. A good watch allows me to put my phone away and not rely on it for keeping track of the time, so that I can submerse myself in the sweet little moments with James and in the present.

As with each of James' first holidays, I am SO excited to celebrate Valentine's Day with him!! I have two Valentines now - Ben AND James! :) I feel like the luckiest girl in the world and my heart is so full of love it could burst!

So, who is celebrating Valentine's Day over the weekend?? The fact that V-Day is on a Tuesday night makes it a bit tricky to celebrate the day restaurants are always so busy on the actual holiday!! I'm AAALLL about celebrating the weekend before. Ben and I actually went out on a Valentine's Day date yesterday! More about that soon! :) <3 Have a happy weekend, friends!

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