Review: Anchor Nutrition Bars

Image: Anchor Nutrition

I suffered from really awful morning sickness in my first trimester. It was BAD. If I didn't constantly have something in my stomach, I would feel nauseated and often times would throw up. First thing in the morning was the absolute worst! I only wish I had known about Anchor Nutrition Bars at that time!!

Recently, Anchor Nutrition contacted me and asked if I'd like to try out some of their nutrition bars. They are made with natural ingredients and claim to prevent nausea. These bars were designed with pregnant women in mind, so the ingredients are all safe and healthy. They are also effective for the prevention of motion sickness that one might experience while flying, in the car, or on a boat.

Image: Anchor Nutrition

Here are the ingredients found in these bars:

+whey crisps

+whey protein isolate


+fiber syrup (chicory root)

+almond butter

+brown rice syrup




I was really excited to try these out! It just so happens that a day after receiving these bars in the mail, I was hit with a bout of morning sickness - the first real nausea I have experienced since my first trimester. I instantly scarfed down one of these bars. Within, I would say, ten minutes or so, my nausea was gone! So, in my opinion, these bars really do what they say they are going to do. The taste isn't bad either! I really enjoyed the texture and flavor. My husband had a nibble of one of the bars and he wasn't a big fan of the taste. So, I guess it just depends on personal preference. I like them though! I would definitely stock up on these the next time I get pregnant, or for the next time I travel.

Anyways, here is a link to the Anchor Nutrition website where you can purchase some of these bars. If you're pregnant, I highly recommend giving them a try!

xo, Anna

Review: Oh Sugar! and Plumpify

Covergirl and Influenster sent me over some of Covergirl’s newest products for free to test out and review for them. I am already a big fan of Covergirl, and so I was very excited to try out some of their new stuff! They sent me some of their new Oh Sugar Lip Balm in the color ‘Taffy’, and their new Plumpify Mascara by blastPRO. Let me tell you, I am in love. 

Oh Sugar! is one of the best lip balms I’ve used. It goes on so smoothly, the color is beautiful and natural looking, and this stuff doesn’t dry out your lips. In fact, it contains vitamins that moisturize and nourish your lips while you’re wearing it. I will definitely be trying out more colors!

The Plumpify Mascara by blastPRO is great. It makes my lashes look so long and thick, which is what we’re all after, right?? My ONLY complaint is that the brush is HUGE and makes application a tiny bit tricky. But, it also ensures total coverage of all of your lashes, so I think it is worth it for the slightly awkward size of the brush. 

Bottom line: I highly recommend both of these Covergirl products. Plus, they are affordable and you can get them at your nearest drugstore. How can you beat that? Let me know if you try these products out! I’d love to hear what you think of them!

xo, Anna

Review: Cura Coffee


10351908_312749935563347_5164899041931925577_nI love coffee. I love drinking coffee, smelling coffee - even rubbing coffee all over my body [see my review of Frank Coffee Scrub]. But what I love even more than coffee is coffee with a cause.

When I first heard about Cura Coffee Company, I was not only eager to try a cup of their direct trade coffee, but I was also beyond excited about what the company is doing to make a difference.

What It's All About:  A dentist from San Diego named Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick had a dream. He saw a need for dental care in remote areas in Nicaragua. Dr. Fitzpatrick developed the idea for Cura Coffee Company as a means of raising the funds necessary to provide such care and services. Every purchase of Cura Coffee goes towards helping those in need of dental care. Read more about Cura Coffee's mission here.

So, How's the Coffee? Well, I am pleased to announce that Cura Coffee is not only doing good - it actually tastes good. Really good! If you're like me, coffee is something you buy frequently anyways. But when you buy a bag of Cura Coffee, you are helping out a great cause, ie - making a difference.

That is something you can feel good about.

My Recommendation: Get some Cura Coffee! You wont regret it. It is fair-trade, super tasty coffee, AND purchasing a bag helps provide dental care to those in need. Win-win. Purchase a bag [or four] at Bags of coffee are just $15, and Keurig compatible cups are just $16 for a pack of 18.

And you get a toothbrush with your order. How cool is that?photo

Review: Honey Girl Organics

nebels rainbow

Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for cosmetics and other products that are put onto your skin to be absorbed into your bloodstream? Scary. And gross. Especially when you consider the types of chemicals and "mystery" ingredients that are in most skin care products. The most startling part of that statistic, however, is that everything you put on your skin gets absorbed iImagen. When I heard that, I started paying more attention to the types of ingredients and chemicals that are in my makeup and lotions. It was terrifying. Such a large number of the ingredients are unnatural and man-made.

When I was in Haleiwa earlier this year, I discovered a skin care line based out of the North Shore of Oahu. The company is called Honey Girl Organics and their products are all natural, organic, and oh-so-good for your skin. Plus they smell amazing. Ingredients include honey, beeswax, and royal jelly, all from the company's own Hawaiian grown bees. Since I've started using Honey Girl Organics products, my skin has never felt better.

Bottom line: I highly recommend giving this skin care line a try.

My favorite Honey Girl Organic product is the Face & Eye Cream [$30.99]. Check it out at