Best Toddler Halloween Costumes!


Sorry for being MIA again. I've just really felt conflicted with social media and blogging lately...I mean, life is what is happening right in front of you...right NOW. It's NOT what's happening on your phone or's not about "keeping up" with Instagram, or spending endless hours taking and editing photos and creating content. I love blogging and social media - they're my JOB, and I feel really blessed for that. But I definitely LOVE being a mom, watching my little James grow and learn, and spending quality time in the NOW with my family MORE. SO, I've been stepping back a bit. But, I'm still here! I'll still be cranking out new content when I feel like it. But if I'm quiet, you can just know that it's because I am busy LIVING this beautiful life of mine. :)

Ok, down to the point of today's post:

There is hardly a single thing cuter than a baby in a Halloween costume! Am I right?? This year, James is still too little to go trick-or-treating, so we aren't investing in a full-fledged costume. But I did get him these really cute glow-in-the-dark skeleton jammies for him to wear all day! Unfortunately, his jammies sold out, but they are SOO cute on him!

It's fun because his music class is on Tuesdays and this year, Halloween falls on a Tuesday!! So all of the kids in his class get to dress up (parents too! - I'm going to rock this sweatshirt, or if I'm feeling really bold, I may dress up like Elsa from Frozen!), and J can wear his skeleton jammies to class!

I had a lot of fun looking for costumes for James this year, and even though I ended up going with the skeleton jammies, I found some ADORABLE ones. I wanted to share them with you guys in case you need a last minute idea for your little one. And be sure to order TODAY to make sure it arrives in time for Halloween!

What is your little one being for Halloween this year? How old were your kids when you first took them trick-or-treating?

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 2.16.27 PM.png