Yoga With Dad

My yoga practice is a young one. I have been practicing at home, in the comfort of my living room for several years, off and on. In fact, I had begun to think of myself as quite good - quite the yogi. When my dad first invited me to go to an in-studio yoga class with him, my first response was, “Yes, of course!” How fun and how practical. That is what yogis do. We go to yoga classes. We are taught by real live instructors and practice with other students in calm, relaxing, and beautiful setting. 

But as my dad started suggesting days for us to go to a class, I became gripped by a deep sense of fear and apprehension. I began to second guess my in-home practice. What if my form was entirely off? What if I was unable to keep up with the class? What if the teacher thought that I looked ridiculous? Worst of all, what if my dad thought that I looked ridiculous?

My dad has been practicing yoga for years, along with meditation. At sixty-one years old, he is an inspiration. He practices daily, and he has always encouraged me to pursue yoga and to try out meditating. A highly successful man in every area of his life, he is a walking endorsement for yoga and meditation and what it can do for your mind, body, and sense of wellness. He is the reason I began practicing yoga in the first place, timidly googling  “yoga for beginners” videos and awkwardly trying to master the poses on a towel in front of my computer. 

After years of never practicing in front of anyone, the thought of going to a class with my dad and finally practicing together was both exciting and terrifying. When I eventually got up the courage to commit to a class with my dad, I was met with many surprises. First of all, yoga in a studio is completely different than yoga in my living room. It is more fun, more lively, and there is an energy and unity amongst the sweaty bodies in the room that is so lovely that I can not even begin to describe it. Second of all, I have learned many methods for improving poses that I thought I had mastered long ago. I’ve also learned that I have a LOT of room for improvement. But that is the beauty of yoga - constantly growing, learning, and becoming better and stronger with each practice. The main thing that I learned about going to yoga with my dad is that he is an incredible, strong person. I was so blown away by his practice, his form, and his strength, and I learned so much from watching him out of the corner of my eye as I struggled through the motions in that first class we went to. 

Now, my dad and I go to yoga together regularly. I have grown so much in my practice through attending in-studio classes, and from watching my dad. He is an inspiration, and a fun person to do yoga with. I am so blessed to be able to do such a wonderful thing with him as my role model. I’ve never been so proud to be a daddy’s girl.

SUP: Why You Should Do It


420649_10200715255115560_302190599_n SUP: Stand-Up Paddle Boarding


By now, you have probably heard about SUP, or seen people cruising by on their stand up paddle boards as you watch, intrigued, from the shore. I remember thinking how boring it looked the first time I saw people doing it. But finally my curiosity got the better of me and I gave it a try. Now, several years later, I am hooked on SUP and here's why.

1. The benefits of SUP are endless. First of all, it's the most incredible workout. Balancing on the paddle board requires a lot of core strength and after a SUP session, you will feel it in your abs, arms, back, butt, legs... you get the idea.

2. SUP is a great way to get out on the water when you normally wouldn't have a way to do so. You can do it on a lake, a river, or even in the ocean. No watery expanse is off limits!

3. You can do yoga on a SUP. I have tried only a handful of times, and have ended up splashing, ungracefully, into the water on each occasion. It's challenging, and worth trying, and if you master it, nothing looks cooler than some killer SUP-top poses.

4. Quench your competitive thirst. SUP races are becoming all the rage. Visit to find a race near you.

So I recommend giving stand-up paddle boarding a try if for some reason you haven't yet. You've got nothing to lose, except, perhaps, your pride when you fall in the first time you try it - and if you don't fall in on the first try, kudos to you. You rock!

If you're already tuned in to the awesome sport of SUP, let me know what YOU love about it in the comments below.

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